Season Two (2017 - 2018)

Opening with a show critics called “The best storefront play of the year” our second season showcased young performers and introduced classic stories told in new ways including Cyrano, a world premiere production.


Ages of Man

September 15-29

Written by Thornton Wilder
Directed by Tony Lawry

From farce to familiar. Theatre Above the Law opens it's 2nd season of audience first theatre with 3 one acts by Thornton Wilder chronicling how children relate to their parents while growing into themselves. First, in Infancy, as babies trying to make sense of the normal things in everyday life, then, in Childhood tweens playing a morbid game of "Orphans" to show how underestimating kids might just backfire on adults & lastly, The Rivers Under the Earth shows teens coming of age with their parents in the safety of a family vacation.

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Twas the Night Before Christmas

December 1-23

Written by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Tony Lawry

From Grandma's basement to our stage. Theatre Above the Law presents the nostalgic holiday stories of mice, elves, a spunky little girl and of course Santa. Reminiscent of the holiday pageants some of you might have done in Grandmas basement. A joyful tribute to the holiday season! Followed each performance by milk & cookies.

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February 9 - March 4

Written by Michael P. Dalberg
Directed by Tony Lawry

An original retelling of the French classic by Edmond Rostand, this romantic comedy follows Cyrano, a female soldier, in a tale of unrequited love. As she vies for the beautiful Roxanne, Cyrano wrestles with self-doubt, body-shaming, and toxic masculinity in a world of "all's fair in love and war," armed with sword-like quips, fair friends, and more than a fair amount of pastries.

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Ladies in Waiting

May 4 - 26

Written by Michele Palermo
Directed by Tony Lawry

In a room at All Saints Church fifty minutes before her wedding, Julie and her bridesmaids are together for the first time in over a year. As they get dressed, makeup and do their hair, they talk about marriage, careers, dating and even death. Comical and thought provoking. At only 1 hour perfect for bachelorette parties.

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