We talked with our adult & young performer actresses about "Ladies..." Here's what Abby & Kat (both Kates) had to say.

1.) What do you think the audience will find most entertaining about this production? 

Abby: We're all, like, really funny.

Kat: What I’ve heard from the people I’ve known who have already seen it, is that the dialogue really does sound like a conversation between a group of women. The playwright took consideration into how women interact with eachother, and incorporated it into the play. It’s really fun, sincere theater to watch. 

2.) What is is like to have a younger/older counterpart during the process?

Abby: It has been really informative. Kat and I have very different interpretations of Kate- I think my Kate is much grumpier. It has been really neat to watch the YP's find these characters on their own.

Kat: It’s been really fun! Not only is my older counterpart somewhat of a role model, but I’ve got to see a lot of creative decisions from her. Having another person play the same character helps me understand the character better, and make meaningful decisions regarding her. 

3. What will an audience find relatable about this story?

Abby: This show is very reminiscent of "Sex and the City," in that, it's just four women talking very openly with one another. As an ensemble we have worked very hard to make sure this show sounds like any regular conversation between friends, and I think that reads in a way that is relatable to the audience.

Kat: As an actress, I related really strongly with Maddy. Her desire to make it as an actress, her relationship troubles... they’re very real. They’re not overtly “dramatic”, but you can tell there’s a lot of emotion underneath the calm. Maddy is a very real person, and I think the audience will really sympathize with her.

4.) If your character created a tagline for this show what would it be? 

Abby: Honestly, anything that Kate would come up with probably wouldn't be appropriate. "Just four women dicking around."

Kat: “Men Are Trash, But We’re Making It Work.”