Sundays in July 8pm: Improv Triathlon $10

For 3 weeks 3 different teams of 3 (9 total) will compete for audience votes in 3 rounds all using the same one suggestion the whole night. The 4th week the 3 weekly winners compete for 3 crisp $50 bills!

Sunday August 5 7pm: 24 hour Adaptation Festival $10

7pm on August 4th writers show up to our Rogers Pork booth to draw a public domain book or play title. The next evening @ 7pm they perform the 20 minute or less modern adaptations of these pieces. The audience votes on the winner, whose play could be commissioned for a full length for a future ATL season.

Saturday August 18 8pm: The Therapy Players

Chicago's premiere all psychotherapy improv troupe performs for one night only. Laughs even your insurance cannot deny. Get tickets here